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Considering the daily need of people to consume edible oil, this industry can be useful as a prosperous and profitable business for people who are looking for a job with low capital and quick returns.

In addition to the fact that consumers have become more familiar with the importance and properties of organic products due to the expansion of the media and its information, so they prefer to use vegetable oils and useful seed butters to ensure their physical and mental health.

With a butter making machine and an oil machine, you can start this great business even at home. Now it’s up to you to expand it as your main job or use its earnings as a second job.

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Adrian Sanat Novin

Oil extraction machine

Adrian Sanat Novin

Super professional and beautiful luxury butter machine

Adrian Sanat Novin

Sesame grinding machine

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If knowledge is in Soraya, people from the land of Persia will achieve it.

In line with the progress and development of the proud country of Iran, which is one of the pioneers of world industry today.Adrian Sanat Novin Mandegar Company, with half a century of history, started its activity under the name of Rezaei Machinery with the aim of designing and manufacturing industrial equipment and machinery.

Quality, price reduction, on-time delivery are the components that the management of this company has put at the top of its agenda.

But what this company is focusing on now is production and presentation products is to be able to free the country’s industry from dependence and in this direction according to the ever-increasing need industry, the policy of this company has changed in recent years and now it has used all its strength to be able to produce all kinds of devices. oil extraction machine, butter extraction, traditional milling and attari and coffee grinders using modern materials such as waterproof wood, elegant glass funnels and modern and unique designs play a major role.